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mwc.jpg26/02/2015 - Em breve a indústria wireless se reunirá no Mobile World Congress, em Barcelona, para demonstrar e discutir o futuro da mobilidade. A Intel estará lá para apresentar e demonstrar novos produtos e tecnologias projetados para a próxima geração de redes wireless e a crescente gama de dispositivos inteligentes se conectando a elas. As novidades estão reservadas para o evento, mas a vice-presidente da Intel Julie Coppernoll publicou nas redes sociais diversos temas que a indústria (e a Intel) provavelmente abordarão. Veja os principais tópicos (em inglês):

• New Intel platforms for next-generation phones, phablets and tablets: We'll show off new Intel Atom products and new Intel communications and connectivity solutions. The mobile device ecosystem is expanding, and we'll be demonstrating some of the new devices our partners have in the works. Look for announcements with some of our partners including key players in mobile.

• Advancing the mobile experience: The mobile experience continues to evolve and improve. What's next? Wireless charging for devices of all kinds, depth-sensing cameras that introduce new applications and interfaces, and solutions for tough problems like getting billions of IOT devices to speak the same language.

• Our 5G future: While 4G was about making networks faster for mobile data, we think 5G will be about making networks smarter, flexible, efficient and economical enough to handle the billions of diverse new products that will wirelessly connect and interoperate. We'll discuss the 5G future and how the wireless ecosystem can make it a reality. We'll also showcase a handful of 5G demonstrations in our booth.

Mobile security: Data protection and privacy in a connected world are paramount, and Intel is helping to solve this challenge. On Wednesday, March 4th, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich will join a keynote discussion examining the present and future of mobile security.

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